​We manage our straw farms exclusively for high quality bales. We own our own trucks and our drivers work for us. The same reliable crews bale for us each year and we own and operate every step necessary to provide consistently high-quality supply of straw to you. Regular deliveries and pick-ups are available in your area. Contact us today!


We provide straw storage trailers for customers that need consistent quality, reliable shipping, and rock-solid business practices. This service allows you to run and grow your business worry-free. Call or e-mail for pricing information on our storage trailers:

Storage Trailers Available
Semi Truckloads = FREE Delivery in Middle Tennessee (Call (615) 427-9799 for a quote)


We offer clean, fresh cut wheat straw in conventional bales suitable even for use as livestock bedding. Our straw bales are compact and convenient. We rake, clean, and bale, so that the straw can be used as a ground cover mulch—a choice that has been rising in popularity throughout the South over the last 25 years.

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Landscape supply companies, drop trailers needed for fundraisers, HOA’s, landscapers, commercial and private construction, and hardware stores rely on The Straw Barn for reliable whole-load delivery of the highest quality straw bales. Talk with us about large or recurring site deliveries for commercial projects. We can recommend specific products aimed at commercial erosion control and construction site silt walls.

Why Use The Straw Barn?

Because you want your straw fresh from the farm. Grown by a real farmer. Because you care about consistent high quality and value for your money. The Straw Barn is a true family farm, located within 30 minutes of Murfreesboro and Franklin, Tennessee in the Rockvale community.

We live in the Middle Tennessee area. We provide commercial and wholesale straw, trucking and retail straw services throughout the region.

Our customers choose us because of our superior-quality straw product, on-time delivery, and professional service. We work hard to offer our customers the best straw available. We deliver our straw bales in our dry and well-maintained closed-door trailers and we make local straw sales and orders quick and easy.


We are the source for long straw bales in your area. This means straw stalks measure roughly 2′ long or longer within the bale. For this to be possible, we grow from non-GMO seeds, not the more modern, domesticated type that need to be harvested with low-cut sickle mowers rather than a rotary combine harvester. This really narrows down these high-quality straw sources to a few, small-scale farmers, even in most states. Be sure to find the bales containing the longest straw that you can find in your area with us. The result from using longer straw is well worth the effort—your walls will be tighter, easier to get straight, and be more energy efficient, as well as stronger overall.

Unlike the old days or today’s crops grown from heritage seeds, the average straw crop on commercial farms grows very short stalks, and intentionally so. These crops were specifically hybridized to yield shorter stalks yet still maintain high grain harvests. This makes sense in terms of minimizing what many consider waste –the straw– for the farmer. But we farm for not only grain, but for straw —the best long straw baled in the conventional size. Not like smaller bales on the market that condense tiny scraps of straw that will not hold together well during construction, or for landscaping, manure management, or disintegrate into dust when used as livestock bedding.


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