If you are looking into building a new house, you may have never considered building your house using straw bales. Your first thought when you hear of building your house using straw may be the story of the three little pigs, but there are actually many benefits to building your house using straw.

Energy Efficient

Straw bales act as an excellent insulator for your home. Straw will naturally store heat or coolness and release it to create a comfortable temperature throughout your home. In fact, if you build your house well, straw bales will reduce the price of heating and cooling your house by 75%.

Fire Resistance

When you build your house using straw bales, it will be three times more fire resistant than a standard home. Straw bales will limit the amount of oxygen, which will make it harder for combustion to take place. A wall built out of straw, will survive a fire for 120- 135 minutes, while a standard wall will only survive for 30 minutes.

Sound Proofing

Because straw bales act as an amazing insulator, they also have amazing soundproof abilities as well. If you live near a busy road or an airport, straw bales will greatly reduce the sounds of traffic in your area.

If you are looking into building your next home, straw may be the perfect option for you. At The Straw Barn, we offer bulk sales of straw, so you can build a house that is fire resistant, energy efficient, and sound resistant. Call us at (615) 310-0749 or (615) 427-9799