Hay Products

The Straw Barn’s hay products include orchard grass and clean mixed grass hay. Like our straw products, The Straw Barn is committed to producing hay products that provide consistent quality and value for your money. Our hay products will be available in May 2023.


Orchard Grass

Orchard Grass is an excellent hay option for horses, cattle, and other livestock. Because it produces weight gain and milk production in animals such as cattle, sheep, and goats, it is an excellent choice for pregnant, lactating, and growing animals. Orchard grass contains high protein and calorie content and balanced calcium and phosphorus levels. Our orchard grass is produced to be consistent, soft textured hay.


Clean Mixed Grass Hay

As the name would suggest, our clean mixed grass hay uses a variety of grasses to create a blend that is great for feeding livestock and horses. This variety of hay is excellent for mature livestock because it contains less protein than Orchard grass, for example. While Orchard grass is a great diet for pregnant and nursing livestock, mixed grass hay may provide a more balanced diet for older animals.



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