Something great about straw is its many uses—as landscaping material, livestock bedding, garden mulch, building material—the list goes on. In the fall is when the uses for straw really shine! Below are a few ways to use any extra straw lying around this fall.

 Fall Décor

Who doesn’t love decorating for fall? After the long, hot summer, that first crisp fall morning puts pumpkins and apple cider on the brain. We suggest taking any extra straw bales you have lying around and using them decoratively on your porch or in your front yard. Place some pumpkins, decorative corn, and a scarecrow or two on the straw bale, and you have some super cute fall décor! Tip: you can create a straw “bench” surrounded by pumpkins, corn, etc., to serve as a fall backdrop for family photos.

 Protecting Your Crops

Late summer and fall vegetables are the best—seeing your fall pumpkins, potatoes, and carrots come in is very rewarding. However, birds in the neighborhood may be looking to make the fruit of your labor their mid-afternoon snack. Scarecrows have been proven effective in keeping many species of birds at bay—and you can make them with the scraps of straw left in your barn! Here is a great guide to making a scarecrow:

 A Spooky Halloween Ride

Later in the fall, you can think about using your leftover straw for Halloween. If you have a few straw bales and a trailer bed, you can get some friends together and go on a haunted trailer ride! Dress it up with some spooky cobwebs and a pumpkin or two, and you will have a Halloween to remember.

Fall is such an exciting time—with the weather cooling down and the start of the holiday season, it is enough to make anyone giddy. If you’re interested in using straw for these fun activities or for more practical use, such as livestock bedding or gardening, please call us at (615) 310-0749 for more information.