The temperature is dropping rapidly, and winter is officially here. It can be hard to keep your animals and plants warm throughout the winter, but straw is the perfect insulator throughout the Tennessee winter months. Here are some ways that you can use straw this winter:


Just because it’s winter does not mean your plants have to die. Straw is one of the best ways to keep your plants warm this winter. Straw acts as the perfect material for insulation and heat retention. Placing straw on and around your plants will prevent the soil from freezing and prevent frost from damaging your plants. Straw can also be placed on your compost heap to allow decomposition throughout the winter. In addition, the straw will retain and produce heat as it breaks down the materials.


Because straw is a natural insulator, it makes the perfect inexpensive bedding option for your animals throughout the winter. You can place thick layers of straw throughout the floor of your animal’s shelter to keep them warm and retain their natural heat. It is important to note that straw and hay are not the same when it comes to insulation properties. Hay is not a natural insulator, while straw is.

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